30-y Bond Auction

MeasuresAverage yield on a 30-year bond the government sold at auction, and the bid-to-cover ratio of the auction;
Usual EffectNo consistent effect - there are both risk and growth implications;
FrequencyVariable, about 8 times per year;
Next Release
FF NotesAuction results are reported in an 'X.XX|X.X' format - the first number is the average interest rate of the bonds sold, and the second number is the bid-to-cover ratio (number of bids made per bid accepted);
Why Traders
Yields are set by bond market investors, and therefore they can be used to decipher investors' outlook on future interest rates. The bid-to-cover ratio represents bond market liquidity and demand, which can be used to gauge investor confidence;
Also CalledJGB Auction;
Acro ExpandJapanese Government Bond (JGB);