Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is the purpose of signalha site?

The main purpose of signalha site is to analyze the financial market and support investors and increase the capital of investors in the financial market. signalha has ambitious goals, including token building, exchange, and brokerage.

What are the investment methods on the signalha?

signalha has intelligent robots that have the ability to analyze financial markets. We were able to provide strong and profitable signals using artificial intelligence, financial market analysis and the use of professional experts in financial markets such as digital currency, stock exchanges and Forex. People can connect their financial accounts to our robots and use our services.

How is signalha security?

Signalha security has been done using advanced encryption and updating with the latest method in the world. User information in signalha is completely confidential and every user must use authentication in signalha to use the services.

How to buy signalha license?

Purchasing signalha license After registering and authenticating in signalha, by selecting the panel you want, you can use the online payment portal to purchase the license.

What are the license purchase tariffs?

License purchase tariffs in signalha are measured based on your rating in using our services and support plans. Taxes deducted from payment gateways, server and bandwidth tariffs and other costs are calculated. Users with higher rankings in signalha less pay commision or are exempt.